The end of „Code: Pandorum“.

The scariest but most important decisions in my life so far is finally made. I honestly haven’t been this excited to reveal something yet and there are some of the biggest announcements of my career boiling in the background to be revealed soon.

I always dreamt of creating a world, story or universe in a bigger scale and finally.. after approximately 2 years and more working on it I’m thrilled to invite you to the world of: INHUMAN

The overseer of a futuristic dystopian world.
This means an evolution musical but also visual site of my artistic approach.

I hope you’re just as excited as I am to dive into this universe with me to discover it’s secrets and sometimes escape from reality.

Additional to this I’m really stoked to let you know that one official INHUMAN Remix is already out and that beeing said… I can’t thank @apashe and @kannibalenrecords enough for believing in my vision and releasing this „Good News“ remix before the project even launched. (link in bio)

That being said.. Welcome to the world of INHUMAN